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A place for mum's to share their stories about depression to help others so they don't feel alone and not good enough.
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Hey there . . . thanks for stopping by!

I feel I should tell you a little bit about myself . . . where I’ve come from and what my life looks like. I’m 36 and my life’s story, so far, would be a bit of a novel. So I thought I’d list a few highlights that hopefully give you an idea of who I am.

Here goes:

  • I grew up and lived in the same house, for 26 years, with my mum and sister.
  • I was the kaea, lead singer, in my primary school Maori Culture Group.
  • At the age of 13 I decided to become a graphic designer.
  • My mum, sister and I spent a lot of time travelling NZ, spectating and helping out with rallying.
  • My Silver Fox and I met on a blind date.
  • My favourite destination so far is Santorini.
  • I’m mum to two boys and we live in South Auckland.
  • I’ve worked for myself for over 10 years.
  • In late 2015 I started a kids activity box business which I recently closed.
  • I LOVE music! From Opera to Hip Hop and everything in-between.
  • And, I hate my teeth!

There’s obviously a lot more to me which you’ll hopefully learn through following the blog. If you want to learn more now, you can read about my depression here.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my story about depression and inspire others to tell theirs

I used to think depression was a weakness so kept it to myself for a long time. When I decided to trust in my friends and tell them about my depression, I was shocked to hear that many of them are/were experiencing the same thing. And when I told my GP this, she said she’s prescribing anti-depressants to about seven people a week.

“A result of today’s lifestyle!”, she said. WTF?!

We shouldn’t be living our lives like this. Depression shouldn’t be a way of life. Something needs to change!

But what can I do? How can I make a difference to other mum’s dealing with depression, feeling isolated and alone?

I’m no expert but I can share my story in the hope that I can remind you that you’re not alone and that you’re one F.A.B Mumma!


F.A.B stands for Fog And Bubbles.

Fog is how I describe my depression.

Bubbles reflects the real me . . . fun, effervescent, friendly, outgoing etc.

And of course, F.A.B is short for fabulous . . . because I am. We all are.

Mumma as I have two kids but also because I’m one HOT mumma! LOL


If you’re looking for a safe and supportive environment where you can talk about your depression and struggles being a mum, join the F.A.B Mumma Community here.